Safe & Sound?
multimedia installation
May 18 – July 6, 2013
reception: Sat., May 18
Place Gallery
Portland, Oregon

Socially & Politically Engaged Art Discussion
Sunday, May 19
Place Gallery
Portland, Oregon

From their website:

Safe & Sound? is a project by a collective of artists, activists, and community organizers in Portland, Oregon who are concerned about the Portland Police Bureau’s routine use of excessive force and other methods of intimidation.  Not all communities feel safer when police are present. People of color, people with mental health issues, homeless people, gender non-comformists, and poor people are stopped by police and are victims of police brutality far more frequently than other populations.  This project seeks to bring out stories about this reality of life for many people in our city when interacting with our police force.

Safe & Sound? uses audio, video, and photography to tell stories of individuals whose lives have been and continue to be impacted by police violence and intimidation. The project involves the participation of dozens of Portland community members. All of the media is available on our project website and will be available other ways, such as through listening parties, gallery shows, and other public events.

Our aim is to deepen the community’s understanding of the city by adding layers of narrative to familiar places.  Our aim is also to inspire community members to think critically about the safety of their neighborhoods and question the role that the police as an institution play in maintaining safe communities.

The Safe & Sound? project is by Julie Perini, Amelia Cates, Jodi Darby, Erin Yanke, Ian Wallace, and Christopher Hamann.


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