If you haven’t been able to make our large meetings on Saturdays, consider joining one of our committees.

We have a Outreach and Publicity team that focuses on using online and print media to let people know about our group and the events we’re planning. We’re planning on tabling and talking to folks on the street about getting involved.

Our events team is currently planning an event that focuses on Stopping Police Brutality that will take place at the Safe & Sound? exhibit currently up in downtown Portland.

Here are the committee meetings that are coming up:

Outreach & Publicity
Tuesday, May 21st at 4pm
Delphina’s Bakery Café
4636 NE 42nd Ave

Thursday, May 23rd at 4pm
40 N Killingsworth St


3 thoughts on “Outreach & Events Meetings!

  1. New to your web site and wondering if there are meetings or events planned? Or follow-up to your recent general meeting?

  2. Our next general meeting will be on Saturday, July 6th at PCC Cascade. We usually meet on the 2nd floor (rm 204 if its available) and post signs on the doors with our location.
    We are currently planning a trial of the Portland Police around Keaton Otis’s murder to take place in late summer.
    We hope to see you soon!

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