Please read this e-mail from a founding member of the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow and long time crusader for justice and police accountability, Jo Ann Hardesty, asking for your help.


Dear Friends,

I am writing you today with a heavy heart. My friend Fred Bryant died on Tues Oct 29, 2013 at Emanuel Hospital. You may know Fred because of the tragic death of his son Keaton Otis on 5/12/10 at the hands of Portland Police.

I hope he will be remembered as the father who gave all he had in seeking justice for his son. Fred has held a vigil each month at the location of his son’s death to make sure he was not forgotten.

As you can imagine the family was ill prepared for his illness not to mention his death and the cost of the funeral is well beyond their means. I am working to help them raise $5,000 this week to cover these expenses.

Can you help?

We have established an account for donations at Bank of America.

I and Fred’s family appreciates any help you can provide. If you can help send me an email to joannhardesty@gmail.com.


Jo Ann Hardesty


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